"In the past year with Kara as my violin teacher, I progressed much further on my instrument than I had in several previous years.  She helped me hone my technique with exercises that transferred to actual pieces. Her ability to shape my technique refined my playing process and gave me the freedom to make music beyond what I thought I was capable of."  —Melody (age 18)

"My son Luke was 10 years old when Dr. Eubanks became his teacher.  He had been playing for 5 years and we had hit a bit of a stall due to a break in lessons and pre-adolescence.  However, Dr. Eubanks was the perfect teacher for Luke at exactly the right time. Her style is so wonderful.  She is a perfect combination of being straightforward and “no-nonsense” while simultaneously being approachable and kind.  Luke felt comfortable with her immediately, and wanted to work hard to impress her. What I noticed most, however, was that not a minute of instructional time was wasted. Dr. Eubanks packed so much into each and every lesson and kept Luke fully engaged and learning. Although the lessons are jam packed, she makes them fun and the time flew for both me and Luke.  Luke grew in his confidence during his time with her, and she always made him feel great about each new accomplishment.  Luke mastered vibrato through her structured set of exercises that he practiced, began consistently using his entire bow regularly for the first time in five years, and dramatically improved his note reading with Dr. Eubanks’s direction.  Parents, you will enjoy her’s wonderful approachability, sense of humor, and you will love spending time with her as much as your child will."  —Christine

“My daughter looks forward to Kara’s lesson every week! We are happy to see that her love for music continues to grow, in addition to the technical progress she has made. Kara is absolutely passionate about music. Her love for the art is evident in her creative and energetic teaching techniques. She is exceedingly patient with her students, encourages them and coaxes the very best effort from each and every one. It is my great pleasure to recommend Kara to you as a music teacher for your children. I am tremendously grateful to her for everything she has taught my daughter and the joy of music she has helped bring to our family." — Lei

"Kara is an amazing teacher with enormous patience and we are very lucky to have found her. In just one and half years she taught some great techniques and showed how to play great music that our daughter Vaishi can use forever. She made learning violin fun for Vaishi and gave a reason for Vaishi to believe in herself.. She always provides positive feedback that encourages Vaishi to be better. Vaishi enjoys her lessons. As a parent it is encouraging to know that our daughter has found a great teacher." — Niranjana

"My daughter was hesitant about changing teachers, but after a couple of lessons with Dr. Eubanks, she began coming home with a new confidence.  It was obvious that Dr. Eubanks intuitively knew how to pull out the best in her.  My daughter learned how to think about her ability to play the violin in a new way.  Somehow, Dr. Eubanks brought her "over the hump" from an uncertain sight-reader to knowing she could do well as a violin major in college.  Dr. Eubanks's ability to transfer her extremely high-level professional musical knowledge to students in a way they can comprehend earns her my unhesitating recommendation." —Julie