Learn Music Theory at Willamette Violin Academy!  Classes begin January 2018.

Beginning Music Theory: For students in Suzuki Books 2–4 or equivalent who have some note reading ability. Students gain fluency with note reading in treble and bass clefs; learn to read, play, and compose rhythms in simple meters; learn to spell and identify major and minor scales; and learn to visually and aurally identify intervals and triads. Students learn in an active, child-centered environment through improvisation and interactive games.

Advanced Music Theory: For students in Suzuki Books 5+ or equivalent. Students in Music Theory II should have fluent note-reading ability and have some familiarity with scales and arpeggios. Theory II students learn to read and compose in both simple and compound meters; learn to build and identify major and minor scales; learn to visually and aurally identify intervals; learn to build and recognize triads and seventh chords; and learn the beginnings of phrase structure and form. Advanced Music Theory students learn through interactive games, improvisation, and composition activities.

Who is eligible to enroll: Students who study any instrument in a private lesson setting. Students need not be enrolled in violin lessons at Willamette Violin Academy. Music theory students are typically seven years old or older, but there is no age requirement to enroll.

Faculty: Kara Eubanks teaches violin and music theory in Eugene, Oregon. She holds a doctorate in violin performance from CUNY Graduate Center, and she serves on the faculty at the University of Oregon teaching freshman music theory. Learn more at www.willametteviolin.com/faculty.

Cost: $130 per student for a three-month, quarter-long course.

Where are classes held: Classes take place in Kara Eubanks’s home music studio at 669 Lorane Highway in Eugene.

How to enroll: Fill out the “contact us” form and tell us a little about your child’s musical background, and together we will determine the best placement for your child in a music theory course.

To inquire about enrollment:

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