The Willamette Violin Academy provides a comprehensive violin education to students ages 3 and up in Eugene, Oregon. Education through individual and group lessons, frequent performances, and attendance at summer Institutes, furnishes a motivating, immersive, social, and high-level experience that prepares students for any musical path they choose beyond age 18.


The Willamette Violin Academy is founded on the belief that the environment, not inborn talent, is responsible for the outcome of the child's education. The Willamette Academy takes a Progressive approach to music education. Children learn at their own pace, achieving mastery through small steps. Children are motivated to learn through social learning opportunities and developmentally appropriate curricula. Education is a family affair, and parent support is integral to each child's success and enjoyment in their artistic development.

Many students at Willamette Violin Academy begin as early as age 3. For the first several years, a parent attends all lessons and is taught how to nurture the child's education at home by helping with daily practice. Children learn at first to play by ear, and during this phase, children solidify proper technique, tone, vocabulary, and musicianship. Once a child is of reading age in English, the skill of reading music is added. It is common for graduates of the Willamette Violin Academy to choose music as a profession, and the Willamette Violin Academy provides students a comprehensive pre-college violin education to prepare them for conservatory and university admissions. However, it is the belief at WVA that a musical career is not the purpose of musical training. Rather, deep study of the art of violin gives students an educational, personal, and philosophical base to achieve in any arena they desire. If the students bring that art form to a very high level, it will affect everything else they do. Through individual and group lessons, daily listening and practice, and participation in a Suzuki Violin community, students at the Willamette Violin Academy learn to persevere; to be careful; to break large tasks into small, manageable steps; to have high standards; to encourage and learn from their peers; and to develop a desire for lifelong learning.

The Willamette Violin Academy's philosophy is based in the education approach of Shin'ichi Suzuki, and his pedagogical approach of Talent Education.