For Parents of New Beginners

Parents interested in enrollment should arrange a parent-child interview using the contact form below, or call the Academy directly. Most children are ready to begin violin lessons by age four, though it is common for younger students to also begin lessons. During the parent-child interview, your child will be assessed for readiness to begin lessons, and you will have a chance to ask questions about the expectations of a Suzuki parent at Willamette Violin Academy.

Parent involvement is integral to a Suzuki education. The first step in the child's education at the Willamette Violin Academy is for the parent to learn the basics violin playing and the Suzuki philosophy. Parents begin with a few lessons of their own, to prepare them for their eventual role as the child's "home teacher," or partner in daily practice. A parent (the same parent, as much as possible) attends every lesson and learns the material from the lesson, in order to help their child train their skills between lessons. Suzuki education requires a home routine, which can be challenging for some families, but the value gained from the commitment to a quality education is limitless.

For Parents of Violinists

The Willamette Violin Academy welcomes young violinists to audition for admission. Education at the Academy is ideal for students at all levels, especially those on the path to professional careers as performers.   

Parents of young violinists should contact the school to to arrange an audition. Your child's level of development will be assessed, and you and your child will have the opportunity to discuss furthering your child's education toward their violinistic goals.  A follow-up conversation will be arranged after the audition to discuss possible enrollment. 

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