Group Class Repertoire for October 2019 Workshop

Repertoire must be memorized to participate—no music stands, please. Not everything from these lists will be played, but clinicians will choose from this repertoire when leading your group classes.


  • Bring a foot chart, your violin and your bow (real violin or pre-Twinkle violin, whatever your child is using). We’ll play games and share the joy of pre-Twinkle!

Book 1:

  • Twinkles

  • Lightly Row

  • Song of the Wind

  • Allegro

  • Perpetual Motion

Book 2:

  • Musette

  • Witches Dance

Book 3:

  • Gavotte in G Minor

  • Humoresque

Book 4:

  • Vivaldi A Minor Concerto, mvmt 1

  • Vivaldi A Minor Concerto, mvmt 3

Book 5:

  • Bach Gavotte

  • Bach Double

Book 6:

  • Fiocco Allegro

Beyond the Books:

  • Rachmaninov Vocalise